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If you haven’t tried a Tania Wicks Puzzle, here are some reviews from the puzzle community.

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Jigsaw Jubie – Joy in Pieces Collection
Vicky Makes & Builds – Citrus Burst
Karen Puzzles – Le Macaron & Citrus Burst
Addicted 2 Puzzles – Envelopes
Jigsaw Jubie – Spring Serenity & Envelopes
Addicted 2 Puzzles – Envelopes timeplase
Jigsaw Jubie – Debut Collection
The Casual Puzzler – Candlesticks & Envelopes haul

Jigsaw Jubie – Favourite Australian Brands
Jigsaw Jubie – Feathered Friends
The Casual Puzzler – Candlesticks & Citrus Burst
Jigsaw Jubie – Le Macaron, Desert Beauty & Citrus Burst
The Casual Puzzler – Wishlist
Vicky Makes & Builds – Citrus Burst haul
The Casual Puzzler – Citrus Burst
The Casual Puzzler – Pack with me

Bundle 5 jigsaw bundle





The quality is truly awesome Tania.


I love the beauty of the pieces


which can be built in sections and


moved around without falling apart.


-Wendy Hall


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