Meet Puzzler Diane Bizzle

Meet Puzzler Diane Bizzle

What is your name?

Diane aka @bizzlespuzzles on Instagram


Where do you live?

Jonesboro, AR (USA)


How did you start your puzzle journey?

I’ve always enjoyed puzzles. I attribute that to my mom and her love of jigsaw puzzles. Throughout my life, I have had phases where I puzzled regularly and when I puzzled periodically. I rarely puzzled in high school and college, but since then it has been an almost daily part of my life. On March 13, 2017, I made my first Instagram puzzle post. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years of making friends and sharing my puzzle journey publicly. I like to be highly involved in the puzzle community. It’s a hobby I love and can talk about endlessly. I co-host the Puzzle Pal Awards with Sarah Does Puzzles. This is an annual event that allows the community to choose what puzzles they loved throughout the year. I am also a member of the planning committee for Puzzle Parley, which is a wooden puzzle convention and I am helping plan the Puzzle Jam South, which is a regional meeting of wooden puzzle lovers and those who are interested in learning how to cut wooden puzzles.


Do you have a favourite piece count?

I don’t! For me, it completely depends on the art. I have purchased puzzles from 16 pieces to 42,000 pieces.


What is your preferred piece cut? Random or ribbon & why?

I really enjoy the challenge that comes with random cut, but I like both. It’s more about the piece shapes than the overall cut. As long as a ribbon cut has a variety of piece shapes to avoid false fits, I enjoy both.


What is are your favourite puzzle brands?

This is the hardest question! The majority of the puzzles I purchase are from small companies that focus on art and artists. My top favorite brands are Art & Fable, Soonness, Apostrophe, Le Puzz, Piecework, One But Many, and Tania Wicks.


What is your favourite TW puzzle?

My favorite is Seedpods. The balance of color and texture is divine.


If you could meet anyone in the puzzle community who would that be and why?

This is another hard question! I have had the pleasure of meeting several puzzle pals at Puzzle Parley and whenever I am traveling. As cheesy as it sounds, I honestly want to meet everyone. I’d love to have a huge puzzlegram meet up.


What else do you enjoy other than puzzling?

Other than puzzling, I love going to the gym. I do boxing, spin, and BootCamp classes. I also love audiobooks – and I combine hobbies by listening to audiobooks while I puzzle.


What is your puzzling strategy… for example do you do border first, are you a sorter?

I am a sorter. I sort my color, which is my main strategy. I also pick a piece to save for last. It’s one that stands out the most to me.


Do you have any tips for challenging puzzles?

When it comes to challenging puzzles, I sort by shape as well as color. But if a puzzle is too hard and I get frustrated or annoyed, I pack it up. Life is too short to waste time doing something that is not bringing me joy.


Do you have a favourite puzzle theme?

Is original art a theme? That’s what I like the most. I work in marketing and use stock images. Puzzles are my way to relax and unwind so I don’t like to do puzzles with stock images. Getting more specific, I enjoy surrealism, painting, and photography the most.


What’s your favourite type of puzzle, eg wooden, rectangular, circular?

For me there is a huge difference between the wooden puzzle experience and the cardboard experience. I enjoy both for different reasons. I love when there is something innovative with the puzzles – a new type of cut, an image that doesn’t match the box, etc.


How many puzzles in your collection?

I currently have over 600 puzzles. I have a hard time parting with them although I am trying to get better!


How many puzzles in your to do pile?

Um, an embarrassingly large number. But I like to think of it as creating a collection of art in pieces.


We are so excited to have Diane on board as our exclusive USA Brand Ambassador for Tania Wicks Puzzles!



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