Meet Tania

Brisbane Family Photographer. I am first a Wife to my amazing Husband Michael and Mum to 2 precious kids, Seth & Ruth. My family are my greatest fans and have been an incredible love and support. Most holidays you can find us at the beach. We have 2 poodles, Snoopy and Dash. We love movie marathons, Lyndt dark chocolate, caramel popcorn and cinnamon scrolls. We are believers and love Jesus.

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When it all began

It all began with a small box my mother gave to me. It held an assortment of old photographs dating back a few generations. I was intrigued by the faces staring back at me. Who were they? What was their story? By finding out about them, I was able to connect and now their memories stay alive in me as I pass them onto my own children.

Thank you for stopping by, I cannot wait to meet you!

My Why

I am not only taking your photograph for your family, but for the grandchild who is going to share your history with their grandchildren and great grandchildren. It's about leaving something behind that can be cherished by future generations.

you have a Legacy that needs to be remembered …

Latest Work