What to wear for family photos?

So you have booked your family session but now you may be thinking I have NO idea what to wear for family photos? Well, I’m going to show you how easy it is. When the Brizuela family walked towards me, I may have squealed inside. These guys totally nailed their styling!
They looked like they stepped off a runway.


Style guide for what to wear for family photos

Chances are you are drawn to my images for a reason. I take a lot of care in curating what my clients wear to create a specific photography style, one that is timeless. Other than location and great lighting another very important factor in creating amazing photos is the clothing that you wear. It sets the style and tone of your session and takes your images from great to WOW!

Deciding what family photo outfits to wear can be just as daunting as finding the perfect photographer. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are a few suggestions to consider.



Simple = timeless and classic

I always suggest soft and neutral colours. They will complement both outdoor locations as well as the Studio. Your images are about you, and your clothing needs to highlight you not override you. Your clothing should reflect the classic beauty of the moment we are trying to capture. Leave the jeans and thongs at home and take advantage of the opportunity to get dressed up. 



No guesswork 

When you book a session with Tania Wicks Photography you will receive a carefully curated style guide with everything you need to prepare for your family photo session. I take all the guesswork out of the process by giving you simple easy tips for stress free clothing choices. Let’s face it no one enjoys endless hours clothes shopping, worrying if it actually all matches. Iv got you covered.



Neutral Colour Palette

The Brizuela Family are a perfect example of colour palettes that I suggest. Notice how they are all in the same tone! Soft muted colours! Mama, Nicole totally nailed it!. She totally up styled with the neutral heels, taking her images to a whole new level!
By sticking to a neutral, soft colour palette Nicole now has timeless images for her family that will never date.



Complement – don’t match 

The day of all white T-shirts and jeans are long past! We want colours and tones that generally complement each other: so for instance, soft colours (light blue, grey, blush pink) or warm tones (beige, creams, soft peach and khaki). Generally, solids work best.

Pops of a pattern can definitely look great, but if you’re looking for a fail-proof family combination, go with solids. To keep things from looking boring, include textures (think, tulle, lace, etc). Avoid tiny prints, especially small plaid and small stripes. 

Also don’t underestimate, getting your hair styled and having your nails groomed. If you feel beautiful, you will feel confident. 



The Journey 

No matter how much we as Mamas want to remember everything, we know it’s not possible to remember all the details of our motherhood journey. 
Raising a family is a mixture of beauty and sacrifice, exhaustion and elation – especially when your journey is a tough one.




Baby Nicolas is 7 months old and a miracle baby too. He decided to arrive 3 months early, spending the first 3 months of his life in hospital. Today he is a picture of health and joy and honestly one of the most serene babas Iv ever met. He was content during the full session, which is quite remarkable for such a young baby. A testament to Nicole and Eric who are the calmest, loveliest people you will ever meet. Their calmness exudes their family and you can just see it in their 2 older boys, Christian and Alex who absolutely adore their baby brother and their parents. 



Time to Reflect

Sometimes, in the day to day chaos of life, it can be hard to sit back and reflect on the things we are so grateful for. Each season of life rolls into the next and we often just do whatever it takes to get through. Today Eric and Nicole can look back at the memories that were made during our session to create these beautiful images and reflect on the goodness of God through Nicolas and their family!



What Is Valuable?

It is true, the golden light and gorgeous dresses might make you feel gorgeous as a mama, and You deserve a beautiful portrait, but there is a greater need to create tangible memories that can be remembered for years to come and photographs are a gift we have to do that.
The most valuable thing which happens as a result of family photos is the ability to capture who and how you are loved. I’m talking real love, natural connection and genuine emotions.




So Sweet Mama, it’s your time to shine and get in front of that lens. Time waits for no one and the only regretted photographs your children will have are the ones that don’t exist.



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