The Legacy

The Legacy Child

Has a Pure Heart

Is Joyful and knows how to live life

Has a sense of Adventure and is always seeking fun

Is a little bit of Sugar and a little bit of Spice

Early Riser and believes the early bird catches the worm

Loves Hugs and gentle praise

The Legacy Family

Love family Traditions

Their family has History and a story to tell

They are Kind and know how to make everyone feel loved

They love Keepsakes and are Sentimental

Thankful for all good things

Part of your Community

The Legacy Baby

My style for the Legacy baby is unposed and natural. I allow your baby to lay most naturally and comfortable with simple positioning to focus on all the tiny details that need to be remembered. Tiny lips, soft fuzzy hair, the softest skin, teeny little eye lashes and chubby toes are all what makes the Legacy baby classic.

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The Legacy

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