All I Need is a Second Chance

Last Sunday 9th September I received the worst call anyone would want to receive. My Sister who lives in Germany called me. She was crying so much that I could not hear clearly what she was saying. All I heard was “he is dead, the neighbour’s found him, he drowned” I immediately assumed she was talking about our precious Daddy, as he has been unwell for quite some time.

Waves of grief came over me and I kept saying over and over, why did I not call you more? Did you truly know how much I love you? Can I be certain that you will in fact be in heaven one day?
I can’t begin to express the grief I felt of never speaking to him again or telling him how much I love him. It was so final, a feeling I can’t even put into words.

My Husband and children watched grief grip me and I cried deep, inconsolable groans that I did not know was possible. For over an hour we wept. I called my Mother in South Africa to tell her the worst news I would ever deliver. A call that broke my heart further.
It was in this deep loss that I truly understood what true love is worth.

My Realization

I eventually calmed down enough to call my Sister back and find out what happened. As she relayed the events, I was so confused as she began talking about her Husband. I eventually worked out that it was in fact her Husband and not our Father who died. The relief I felt was too much, however I was torn between relief at hearing it was not our Father and deep sadness for my sister’s loss.

My Husband called my Mother immediately to relay the news. I could not call my Father quick enough. Upon hearing his voice, I was inconsolable. I explained the events of the last hour and took the time to tell him how much I loved him. I spoke to him about our Saviour Jesus. I explained that our only Saviour is Jesus. Just believing God exists is not enough. Our only guarantee to heaven is to confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Jesus is the son of God who has paid the ransom for our sin. My sweet Father assured me that he is going to heaven because he has been baptised as a baby… I knew I had some serious praying ahead of me.

A Second Chance

That night proved to be a fitful one. I determined in my heart to share the gospel with both my parents. Sure, I have shared my faith with them many times, but I never took the time to invite them in prayer to salvation. I am so grateful to God for a SECOND CHANCE with both my parents to firstly let them know the deep love I have for them and secondly the importance of sharing the gospel with them.

This second chance has become a journey. I have written both my parent’s letters. Never again do I what to experience the guilt of having unsaid words. I have shared my best childhood memories with each of them. I have peace now that they can be certain I love and appreciate everything they have done for me. This urgency is strong, as we all live on 3 different continents.

I have taken for granted that I can always phone them whenever I want, yet I failed to do so often enough… and even though I ended every call and text with “love you” it was not enough! I needed them to TRULY know the depth of my love.

I have also shared the gospel with them. It was terrifying and a relief all at the same time. Does this guarantee their salvation, I don’t know? What I do know is that I have done all I can, and as long as they are alive I will continue to pray for them. I now leave the burden of their souls at the foot of Jesus cross.

Take the Risk

Why am I sharing this so publicly? … I cringe at the thought of sharing my most vulnerable broken heart, but the urgency God has placed in my heart will not find rest or peace until I share it. If it can change the life of one person to make amends with a loved one, forgive, share the gospel, hug them as hard as you can, tell them how you truly love them, then please I urge you to do so. I urge you to not put if off for another day.

It has taken one life shattering event to make me realise the magnitude of life and not even one precious moment should be taken for granted!

If you want to share the Gospel in a letter, you can send them an email with this link

May you walk in the love and peace of our Father God and our loving Saviour Jesus who left us with His peace…

In Loving Memory of Rainer Schoffel

last chance, deaths door, slavation, Jesus,
last chance, deaths door, slavation, Jesus,
last chance, deaths door, slavation, Jesus,
last chance, deaths door, slavation, Jesus,
last chance, deaths door, slavation, Jesus,

Life is to be celebrated and family is precious, head over here

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