The Golden Years

The Golden Years

The golden years are to be savoured, for with them come a wealthy bank of memories to be cherished. Photographing families has proven to be such a profound blessing to me. I had honestly started out hoping to capture my own children’s growing years, but photography now has blossomed into something so much more than I could have ever anticipated or imagined. I have found that I am just as passionate about the moment’s other families give me, just as much as the fleeting moments of my own. Being able to tell stories through a visual portal is an absolute joy for me.


I love the variety in each session and that no two families will ever be the same, as each family has their own unique dance. I thrive on tapping into the connections and relationships of each family and the way people genuinely let me in. They trust me. I don’t take that for granted one bit! My heart is full when I am able to transcend into an image what I feel watching each family create their own story of love. Those families that trust me, push me to work harder and keep doing what I am doing so that their legacy shines through their images all the brighter.


Photographing families has become very personal for me. Some families come back regularly, and I get to watch their children and their families grow. I get to celebrate their big moments– but more importantly the small ones that help define who they are.

I have watched the Brookes Family children grow from toddlers. Donne’s beautiful parents Roger and Pam have visited from South Africa enough times for us to share happy embraces between us. This time I got to meet Donne’s only sister, Genevieve, visiting all the way for Malawi and her almost 2-year-old daughter Layla for the first time. Layla is the youngest of all the cousins and is a true firecracker! She had all of us chasing around making the session a true experience filled with fun and wonderful memories which I hope will be remembered for years to come.


I love personality in its true form. Give me crazy and candid over fake and stiffly posed any day. We rolled with the tide of sweet little Layla and just enjoyed her for every little bit of the busy adorable little girl she is. This family are amazing just as they are. These family times and a session like this, become part of their Golden years. These times don’t last forever, and you can never get them back. I am honoured to be part of a glimpse of this family making memories. During this session, memories were made for sure. They will look back at these photos and will be prompted to remember the small things.

Tangible & Timeless

Family photography is profoundly special to me and something I firmly believe that every family can cherish. Be free to love on your people. Run, play, explore and be wholly there in those moments. You are guaranteed to be left with something tangible, timeless and meaningful. Give your family something that reminds them that you were present. And in return something that shows you how much they love you.

Grand Experience

Family photography is a grand experience. Imagine you get to make all these memories while making beautiful photos. Before you know it, just like Jono and Donne, you are counting the days till your next family session and playing a game of remember when… That day was one you get to tuck away as something from a special time in your life, a time and a day worth remembering.


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