Summer Family Photos

Stunning Summer Family Photos in Brisbane

Are you looking to get Summer Family photos in Brisbane, but concerned about the hot weather and threat of storms? Don’t let that deter you! This session was taken on a very hot and cloudy day, the rain waited for us and we only had a couple of sprinkles as we were packing up to go. I have a few tips for successful sessions on these super hot days…


A New Friend

I made a new friend at the weekend. His name is Louis, he is 5 years old and the sweetest, shy little boy with a head full of the most adorable ringlets. He took a little while to warm up to me. Most shy kids can take up to 20mins to come out of their shell. Once Louis warmed up, we had the best of fun! He is completely smitten with his Dad, but couldn’t resist kisses and handholds with Mum.


Following the Style Guide 

Yummy Mummy, Esta followed the Style Guide and came beautifully dressed, heels and all. Her attention to detail was not overlooked, from her beautifully groomed nails to the elegant gold necklace she wore, long flowy shirt and a gorgeous flounce sleeve on her satin blouse. She also paired Hubby Bevan and their son Louis together very well. My favourite was Louis suspenders and Devon took it to the next level with his smart brown shoes to complement Esta’s heels. Well done guys, you have achieved a high-end look and classic images!


White or Cream for Summer 

In Summer, especially if it’s going to be a hot day, I strongly recommend Dad wears a collared white shirt to hide the sweat. It’s hot work guys, playing with the kids. Esta wore a beautiful light blouse too! Dads can wear a white collared shirt with a blue trim around the collar and down the buttons if you are looking to add a pop of colour.


Making Memories 

Iv always love New Zealanders, they are such warm and friendly people! One of my best friends and her family are from New Zealand and I just love them all. Esta & Bevan are New Zealanders and it was not hard to love them straight away. Bevan was all in and made for a wonderful, fun session making sweet memories with his family. I’m sure when they look back to these photos on their walls, they will remember Louis loving to ride on Dad’s shoulders, play aeroplanes and being thrown up in the air. Sweet kisses and cuddles with mum and running circles around them both! Such a sweet and fun time for them all.


When I first laid eyes on Louis, he totally had me at those curls, as did sweet Mama Esta. So blessed to have captured these wonderful memories before Louis has his hair cut for Prep next year. Don’t forget to keep a ringlet Esta!

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