How to achieve stress free family photo’s?

It’s no secret that having professional family photos can be a little overwhelming. However with a bit of planning and following my Style Guide your family session can actually be an awesome experience.

It’s possible to create fun-filled memories with your most precious loved ones!
Not only will you walk away with timeless photos but its also an opportunity for your family to totally relax and have a fun-filled time together!


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Attention to Detail 

Sweet Mama Nadia followed my exclusive Style Guide and made a huge effort with styling her family. She paid alot of attention to the finer details. Daughter Joanna wore a beautiful necklace and gorgeous silver sandals and little Ralph wore a button down shirt and adorable hat. Nadia went all out with her stunning dress and her heels elegantly completed her outfit. Dad Anthony looked very handsome too in his white collared shirt complementing the family as a whole. Dad brought a lot of fun energy to the session and the kids responded very well to games with him. 


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Stress free family photo’s with Two year olds 

Now lets face it, family sessions with two year olds are most challenging but a stress free family session is possible.  In fact, little Ralph was the dream toddler! Sister Joanna was very sweet with her brother, including him in all the games, which made for a wonderful time for the whole family. As a mother and photographer, I know it can be stressful preparing for family photos, which is why I created an exclusive style guide. It is filled with tips and how to’s to create stress free family photo’s as well as make sure you are having fun at the same time.

Having a unique perspective as a mother and photographer, I have created a session that is play based and works with even the most uncooperative or shy kids, as well as the rare uninterested Hubby. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Mamas message me saying their Hubby was quite shy or hesitant about having photos taken. Many have walked away from the session raving about the fun time they had… music to my ears!!


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Have No Expectations

Often photos involving small kids usually results in the kids looking everywhere but at the camera. As a Mama myself I have learnt a few tricks along the way to get everyone looking at the camera and actually having fun. A stress free environment for parents and no need to beg the kids to give a cheesy grin.

stress free photos-tania wicks photograhy-11.jpgstress free photos-tania wicks photograhy-2.jpgSetting the Tone

Get everyone excited and keep the idea of having a family shoot positive and light hearted. Have something fun planned for after the session. Take the kids for a well deserved ice cream and take advantage of being all dressed up and looking smart.

Not all Dads are super excited about having a camera snapping away at them, but let me reassure you, my style of photographing families relieves all this stress. You wont even notice the camera at all because you will be having too much fun. I have had many Dads arrive, very quiet and unsure and within minutes they are fully involved and having a blast with their family. This makes for more genuine smiles and fun-filled memories of the day.

stress free photos-tania wicks photograhy-9.jpgstress free photos-tania wicks photograhy-20.jpgLet the kids just be

Lets face it, no toddler is going to follow a strangers directions to look at the camera and smile perfectly. The best photos are the ones that capture their true selves. The best way to get genuine images is to refrain from telling your children what to do and just let them be! Let them, run, play, giggle and laugh while having fun. This makes for the best photos that you will certainly love!


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Camera Shy

 There is no need to look at or smile for the camera, by genuinely interacting with your family and participating in a fun moment will give you the most genuine and fun images.
 Capturing memorable and genuine moments starts by creating them. Come with no expectations or plans on the day and let me create fun moments for you to be yourselves to capture the uniqueness that already exists in your family.


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Arrive a little early

A foolproof way to start any session successfully is not to arrive rushing. Give your kids and each other permission to let go, play and just have fun. Kids will feed off your positive attitude. As a Mama and a photographer its my job to set a positive tone for a fun time and bring out the best in your family.


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