Savouring Time

Savouring time, as it is our greatest commodity is what catapulted my journey in documenting Family Stories through images!

Lasting Friendships

This session is particularly special to me as I have formed a quick and lasting friendship with this family. I had the privilege of doing maternity photos with this mama. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. Hubby, David just arrived back from a trip to New Zealand hrs before our sunrise session. David was such a trooper at the crack of dawn only having had very little sleep.

Baby-led Posing

Then came darling Talia who was one of those dream babies during her newborn session. It was her session that inspired me to follow my heart for simple, baby let posing. A year later she had her First Birthday cake smash session and now she is already TWO!!

The Big Moments

There is something truly special when families continue to return. Each session has more excitement than their previous one because the relationship has grown deeper. I get to know their personalities more intimately and I feel really privileged to watch these babies grow and become little people in their own right. I have walked with this family in all their big moments with Talia.


The Small Moments

Being able to document the journey has been too precious! I have also been part of the small moments, that all add up to make big ones. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about forming and building on relationships! I tend to friend many of my families on social media if the opportunity is there because I choose to be more than just the photographer that shoots great family portraits.

More than just photography

I love being part of the journey of milestones and see how they are generally doing. My sessions have so many layers. There is so much more than just photography happening. A foundation is laid. We share in all the happy and joyous things. We share about our families, the both of us.

Cultivating Hearts

By growing those relationships, the more amazing their images are because there is something real and genuine about the time we spend together that simply cannot be fabricated. I’m chasing after the REAL moments, especially those simple in between moments. These ones are memory makers!

Spunk & Personality 

The Cormack family are all about cultivating relationships. Their little Talia is very much like my Ruth. She has spunk and personality. I love that. Fake smiles are admittedly not my thing. I would take a busy or shy child any day over one groomed for false perfection. Kids with strong personalities, and hearts cultivated for God, become strong leaders in the things that matter in life. I hear about it time and time again.

Our greatest commodity

We unknowingly think time will last forever but the fact is we just don’t get it back. I am thankful to be here with the Cormack Family this day.




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