Ocean Wall Art

Ocean Wall Art featuring Hamilton Island as well as aerial views of the breathtaking Whitehaven Beach. Beautiful Dent Island, the iconic Marina and more.

There is nothing quite like an island with sweeping white sandy beaches and see-through aqua coloured waters to make you relax instantly.

Bring a taste of the island life into your home with these serene but striking prints.

Never stop musing… never stop exploring



This size is a perfect gift for anyone.


Also great for small spaces needing a little bit of character, on your desk or bedside table or perfect for a shelf display or smaller wall.


Fits into ready-made frames.


Everyone has room for this size.


This size makes a statement if you sit it on a sideboard or wall-mounted shelf.


This size also works well as a two-piece artwork side by side.


This size is perfectly suited for a small wall space, sideboard and in groupings to create the perfect wall gallery.


This is an ideal size for a statement piece on your wall, be it your bedroom, living room, study, or guest bedroom.



Hamilton Island Oak framed Photos



Speaks to your soul

Presentation of the highest quality. When you live with a piece from Tania, you pause in front of it each day, breathe and smile.


- Sharon Ward


  • Custom Made
  • Framed or Unframed
  • Acrylic available on request
  • Custom sizes available
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Interior Designers
  • Highest quality Fine Art paper
  • Superior quality framing
  • Personal service
  • Quick delivery