Picture a beautiful Photography Studio in Brisbane, flooded with gorgeous natural light.

I am incredibly blessed to have my own creative space and I love work days in my studio.

The Vision

My vision from the beginning was to create a beautiful space, that was an extension of my home. Sometimes I escape my home and come in here, sit on the couch with a cup of hot tea and just enjoy the quiet and the beautiful bright light that fills this space! Nurturing this space allows for the creation of more beautiful work.

Light & Bright

I am very much drawn to light and bright spaces and because of this, I created an all-white studio, with pops of colour as a contrast to the stark white. A space without texture is boring and flat, and you could say the same for images as well. By using colour and textures I have tried to create a warm and welcoming space.


 It is a great area when I work on projects that require spreading out and using a larger space. I am currently working on a new collection of work, a still life study and I can’t wait to share the first release of this collection. By studying and photographing natural forms, I have become fascinated with Australian Native Botanicals. Plantlife, leaves and other nature finds are part of this collection.

photography studio Brisbane

Paper Planner Girl

I usually have a few things on the go, so at a glance of my planner, I can see what’s happening. I am and always will be a paper and pen person when it comes to organizing my life. If you share this love, go check out Powersheets by Lara Casey and Simplified Planners by Emily Ley, they have both written some great books which sit on a shelf on my desk.

photography studio Brisbane


Above my desk, I have prints that are special to me. I have a sentimental heart. These prints take me back to our precious family holiday in Europe. Nothing quite like images of Paris. Paris Merry Go Round, & Escaliers are pieces that make me feel happy and nostralgic.

Work in progress

There is a mood board of inspirational imagery and printed quotes, which always gets the creative juices flowing! I always do a few test strips to ensure the quality is perfect. Paris Merry go Round, Golden Paris – Paris Collection and Clover – Equus Collection are the test strips hanging here – testing for a customer who wants this print in an AO – large size. 

photography studio Brisbane

Personal Touch

Sending off Certificates of Authenticity is something I always look forward to. I find writing personal notes to each customer and thanking them, an absolute joy. I especially love it when customers send me photos of where my prints end up.

photography studio Brisbane

End of the Day

And that’s the end of another workday. I close the door behind me and join my family at home. I always look forward to returning again. I hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek into my studio space.

photography studio Brisbane

You can reach me directly on I do my best to respond in 24hrs. Please check your spam mail and if you still have not heard from me, go ahead and send me another mail.

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