Mother and Daughter Session 

This mother and daughter session was captured on a hot and cloudy summers day. I always love having the opportunity to photograph mothers and daughters together, especially because I’m so close to my own daughter. These sweet young ladies are entering such a special, precious and unique age. I’m so thankful sweet Mama Michelle decided to capture this transitionary time in their lives as Meagan embarks high school and this is the year Cailin learns to drive!


The rain had been threatening all morning and I was determined to make the most of it, so we chose to bring the session earlier in the day, which I NEVER do as I’m always chasing golden hour. Just as well I followed my instinct as the heavens opened not long after we finished. The light was absolutely gorgeous and despite the clouds, there was a gorgeous golden light that made these girls literally glow.

Perfect Styling

Michelle styled herself and the girls beautifully for this mother and daughter session. By choosing a light palette of colours they were able to pop off the bright greenery of the location. Mamas dress was the softest blue and I loved how it flowed as she walked. It was a very flattering wardrobe choice. It was a perfect combination of soft blues and whites complementing the rich green and warm earthy tones of the location.

Transforming Daughter 

Nothing touches a mother’s heart quite like spending time with her children and watching them grow. Michelle’s girls are transforming before her eyes every single day and I’m honoured to have been able to freeze time… even if it was just for this moment.

Family photos are important to me. I believe we are all pieces of God’s artwork. This session is very dear to my heart as it is my second last one as I begin a new chapter in my journey of photography. Thank you, precious ladies. You are true beauties.

Valuable Mother  

 Mothers are typically the ones behind the camera. They are always capturing the special moments, instead of being involved in them. You are always the one to make sure everyone else is enjoying themselves. My heart is full of joy as Michelle has taken the time to put herself and her girls first, by choosing a mother and daughter session to capture this sweet time and have these fun memories to look back on.

Looking Back 

Looking back 20 years from now, the memories will start to fade. These photos will always bring back those special moments. The importance of having these memories to look back on is essential because life is too short. Before you know it, your kids will be having their own, and you will want those photos to be able to share with them. And show them what you looked like back in the day. My kids absolutely love looking at photos of us when we were kids, they have many funny comments and laughs. 

The Constant Hustle 

We live in this culture of “get it done” and “do it quickly.” We hustle and run through our days while our to-do lists outstretch our minutes and our days become blurry. Have you felt it? Are you familiar with it?
Sometimes it is almost like I can imagine God in all His glory and wisdom whispering to our hearts, “Slow down. Why are you so busy?” Maybe you’ve heard Him whisper it too. Slow down! Stop and capture the beauty in your family now, savour the moments now, as time is fleeting!


Time and time again, I have seen how thankfulness makes life rich. When we take the time to count life’s blessings, it’s like painting colour in our perspective. It speaks life and courage into our bones to keep on going and to live life well.

Thank you Durrant girls x

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