King Protea Wall Art

King Protea wall art series featuring a stunning collection of botanical prints.

King Protea wall art

Featured here ” King Protea III ” 

King Protea wall art

Featured here ” King Protea I “

Pursuing nature for sensory experience and for what I regard as the very essence of nature.

I have created this series, inspired by imagery through light and shadows.

King Protea photographic print

Featured here ” Mellie “

Duo_styled_king_protea_wall art

I find myself continually being drawn to the elements in nature. 

The initial focus for this Botanical series was simple reflections in nature. 

King Protea wall artFeatured here ” Mellie “

Framed flower print

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I’m seeking to capture not just nature itself but evoke feelings of peace and beauty in the experience of a particular moment.

Framed floral print

Featured here ” King Protea I “

Through an exploration of colour and light, it is my hope that the Botanical collection will allow you to share in those moments of peace and beauty.

Floral print

Featured here ” King Protea II ” 

A few fun facts about the King Protea

Did you know the King Protea is the most popular variety of the Protea family? It has one of the largest flower heads in the family.

The King Pink Protea produces stunning large pink flowers which can reach up to 30cm in diameter once the plant is established.


This gorgeous wonder holds a magnificence unto itself. The genus is made up of many species that range in size.  They have distinct flower variations in the colour and shape of their cone.


The name Protea originates from the Greek word  Proteus. Proteas form the taller canopy in South African Fynbos vegetation, often growing 3 to 4 metres high.

Their nectar attracts birds, bees and insects, all vital to the natural ecosystem.

I hope you love this collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it 🙂

Bringing wanderlust of the Australian natives into your home

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