Turning 40 is most certainly a milestone to be celebrated. It has taken quite some time to arrange this 40th Birthday Party and honestly I put it off for a number of reasons. Mainly as it felt too hard! Yes I’m sure you know the feeling unless you are an events coordinator and enjoy planning, then I take my hat off to you! I have teamed up with a few fabulous vendors who I will share with you. Want to know how to take the stress out of planning a fun party?


Yes FOOD! Every good party need superior food. We chose a fabulous company Crema and Cream run by one of the sweetest and most talented ladies, Grace. Grace was incredibly accommodating with all the food allergies and requests we had. The food was simply delicious and we honestly could have fed an army. She was incredibly generous with her servings! Grace runs a niche cafe in Stafford. If you looking for a great coffee and a treat head over her way, the service is outstanding. Grace also makes the most gorgeous specialty cakes.


This was the fun part. We chose to use Adorn Event hire for all the “pretty things” Amanda is just lovely to work with and has an incredible range of authentic pieces to host any event. Her weddings are amazing! I especially loved Amanda’s unique wooden dry bars. They gave a warm feel to the evening. Her beautiful lanterns and candles created a dreamy ambience .
An antique stand with gold mirror was a wonderful way to document the evening. It would be the perfect piece for table numbers and guest names for a wedding! Amanda’s service is remarkable.


Flowers always finish things off and add a soft and pretty feel to any event. Anna from Kindred Boutique and gifts, is very talented with her flower arranging. She knew exactly what colours I wanted to enhance the evening. Protea flowers were cleverly chosen to complement our South African backgrounds. If you are looking for elegant and enchanting gifts, head over to Kindred Boutique and Gifts at Everton Park and Aspley.

Rain all day

What do you do when it rains all week and the weather predicted is in favour of rain for your event? You go to plan B and hire a great Marquee at the last minute. Roland from Northside Party Hire was speedy and efficient in getting the Marquee set up for us in time for our event.

We had a marvellous evening and it was all thanks to the fabulous and wonderful vendors who made it possible.

Happy Birthday Henry, Michael and Jono

Vendor list:
Crema and Cream Grace at Stafford
Adorn Event Hire Amanda at Eatons Hill
Kindred Boutique and Gifts Everton Park and Aspley
Northside Party Hire Roland at Geebung

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