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Headshots Brisbane – Professional Portraits

Tania Wicks Photography is a Professional Studio specializing in Professional Corporate photos and Headshots in Brisbane.

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Executive Style 

Are you the face of your business? As a professional business person, first impressions certainly do matter.

These days people do business with YOU, not just your company. A quality headshot is invaluable.

It projects to the potential client a very powerful message, which increases the perceived value of your business. 


headshots brisbane

First Impressions

For instance, the first place most clients head to on your website is your About Page

and what they want to see first is YOU! Are you relatable and is there a connection?

Similarly, your corporate headshots need to be consistent on all social media platforms?

Are you branding YOU? Starting with an authentic professional headshot is your first gold nugget!


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A professionally crafted image represents your company identity and establishes credibility and professionalism

before you can utter a word to your client.

Your professional image creates a human identity for your company and your business!

Let’s face it, your business cannot afford to go without a professional forefront!


headshots Northside brisbane

Branding Yourself

Did you know that you are the face of your business?

People don’t trust businesses without a face and even more so without a soul.

People TRUST people!

Clients and customers are more likely to invest their money and time into a business that understands their needs, understands them and someone who as a result they can relate to.

That’s YOU! Above all, present your face first in business because this allows you to show up authentically.

In conclusion, your clients and customers see the heart and soul of your business which is YOU!


headshots Northside brisbane


Why should I choose Tania Wicks Photography?

Tania is a Professional Photographer with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers)

One of Brisbane’s Top Headshot photographers, where you will have a luxury experience with every detail taken care of for you.

If you are looking for high-quality images, I invite you to experience the difference.


headshots Northside brisbane

How do I book my Headshots?

If you would like to enquire about a booking

or you have any further questions, simply fill out the CONTACT Form.

You can also reach me directly on

I do my best to respond in 24hrs.

Please check your spam mail and if you still have not

heard from me, go ahead and send me another email.

Setting you up for success to attract your ideal client !!!

Novum Arcitects

Tania came highly recommended for our team's headshots

and group photo - and I can see why!

Her attention to detail and her professionalism made it quick and painless and the photos are perfect.

Thanks Tania!

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