Family Story

Every family has a family story of their own. There is however common ground even though each family story isn’t always easy or uncomplicated, each one is beautiful and unique.

More than just a photograph

I often sit back and ponder on what it is about family photography that gets my heart soaring. It is more than the beautiful golden light and the sweet moments captured. There is so much more than all the technical aspects of a beautiful image or the merit of making fine art rather than just a photograph. There is more depth and richness than just the things we perceive at the surface level, there is love! It is tangible love and deep honesty that creates each family story, each simple and unique! Things may look all polished at first glance, but when you look in deeper you start to see the little intricacies and things to make each family authentic and organic.

Secret language

Each family has their very own secret language that holds value in learning. My goal is to seek out the very thing that makes each family unit authentic and organic in its own right and then create a family story through their photographs in a way that makes them not only see how beautiful they are…but feel it, because let’s face it, images evoke emotion. The perfect result is a collaboration between myself and the family unit that I photograph. If there is one thing that transcends most, it’s the love we have for our families. There is no deeper bond than family.

Tangible Experience 

What I want more for my families is to not just to see a beautiful photograph, they are more than people dressed in pretty clothing. The actual process of photographing families becomes a unique experience, and I aim to make it an incredible time of connection and let’s not forget pure fun! My clients get so much more than just portraits of people sitting and smiling at the camera. They get it all. The real experience and the raw emotions that can be felt even after the session is over. Forever captured and contained in fine art images.

My heart

I can’t begin to express how incredibly blessed I am to be a part of that for them. In that process, I always offer up a little piece of my own heart.

Gifts of Sentiment

The Orear Family booked me early this year and I have been looking forward to their session for many months. Natalia is an incredibly creative entrepreneur and mother. She has created many different products over the years. Her latest venture is earrings. Go and see her unique and gorgeous designs here. She is the creator of Stella and Dash Jewellery. They are a charming and incredibly fun family. Their boys Declan and Hudson are full of adventure and brought so much joy to this session. It was also Declan’s 11th Birthday, what a privilege to capture these memories for him. I could have photographed them all day! If you look carefully you will see a white string on Sean’s wrist, he received this as a gift from underprivileged children on a missions trip. I just love the sentiment! The images speak for themselves and the connection in this family story is raw and tangible.

My heart is full after these guys!!


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