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This gorgeous family just recently moved from Perth and were looking to get Family Portraits in Brisbane. Gorgeous Mama Naomi has been getting regular family photos since her first child Kai was born. Both Kai and his sister Selah were absolute naturals in front of the camera. They are truly delightful children and loved all the games we played. Dad, Devin was fully on board too. Mama is a stunner and so sweet with her children and Hubby! Watching their family interact was too beautiful!

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Family Portraits Brisbane – Joyful Experience

Photographing young children can be quite a challenge, mostly because they have no idea what the purpose of the session is and why so many photos are taken. ” Haven’t you taken enough photos of me, Lady? Ok, now I’m gonna just go over there and play!!” Some children are super active and others are camera shy. Most children have a very limited attention span for photos and fair enough! While photographing little ones may be a challenge, I find it to be an incredibly joyful experience. That’s exactly what I endeavour to give every family, a joyful and fun experience that is to be remembered.

Every time you walk past your photos on the wall down the hallway, you can remember the fun memories that were being made. Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure your family session is not only a successful one but a fun one too. Keep scrolling to find out more:

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How to bring shy kids out of their shell

This family were ready as soon as they arrived and the kids went straight into playing games, following the prompts and direction. If you are concerned your kids are a little shy and need time to warm up to me, I always suggest clients arrive at the session a few mins early. This gives younger children a chance to investigate their surroundings and interact with me. It also helps them warm up in front of the camera. I will never force your kids to smile or over coax them into cooperating. My sessions are all play-based which allows for natural moments to take place and these are the ones I capture. Your child’s personality will show naturally as they relax and have fun with the games. I love capturing fun expressions and reactions, these are often priceless.

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Choose the right time

All my family session are in the afternoon, a few hours before sunset so any small children would have had their day nap by then. The light is just perfect and dreamy at that time too. For a successful shoot, I plan my sessions at a perfect time for families to make sure everyone is rested and well-fed. For small children, you can always bring along a small snack for after the session. Don’t underestimate the power of a water bottle too! Kids welcome a little drink break.

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Secluded Location – Family Portraits Brisbane 

Children are more likely to relax during a session if they are happy and safe in their surroundings. I pick very specific locations where your kids are safe and can play freely away from busy parks and onlookers. My locations are fun so the kids don’t get bored and allow me to capture a variety of genuine and playful photos. I endeavour to choose locations that allow your family to relax and play with each other in the right setting, with great lighting to get those gorgeous shots. Little Kai and Selah had a wonderful time running around and playing freely.

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Fun all the way

Sessions should be fun, but your little ones may need a bit of encouragement along the way. Maybe suggest a special place to eat after your session, you might as well take advantage of getting all dressed up and make it a family date night. The atmosphere is relaxed and stress-free which allows for genuine interactions to take place. What better way to end a fun experience with your family photos than by having a special dinner or an ice cream treat.

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Surprise Text

There is nothing more delightful than a happy client. I woke up to a beautiful text from Naomi this morning ” Thank you so much, Tania, we truly had the most wonderful experience! And honestly, both Devon and I were so happy with how great you were with us and the kids” This is my heart guys! For every family to walk away from their session with full hearts, fun family memories and a blessed experience. I can’t wait for this family to get their photos and remember the great memories they have created!


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