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Uluru is known as the spiritual heart of Australia. The great Red Rock is taller than the Eiffel Tower and is made of arkosic sandstone. This formidable red rock protrudes from the desert plain in a dramatic fashion, evoking an audible gasp from anyone laying their eyes on it for the first time. In fact, my jaw was on the red dusty ground.

Photograph of Uluru 4 - Red Rock

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Ok, so when my husband informed me that we were heading off to Uluru for our daughters 8th birthday, I literally rolled my eyes and said “Why Uluru? It’s just a rock in the middle of the desert? No way! What are we going to do after we have “seen” the rock” I was SO wrong in every way? Uluru is so much more than that. It’s jaw-dropping spectacular and without a doubt, so far it is one of my favourite destinations in Australia.

Flying over the Outback 

After a couple of hours of flying from Brisbane, the colour palette of the land intensified and I realised I was in the heart of Australia, in the red outback… we had arrived…


We stayed in the 5-star Sails in the Desert Hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel and the staff were some of the friendliest people we have met in all our travels. The food was fabulous and our kids especial loved the all you can eat buffet which catered very well for coeliacs.  

Photograph of Uluru 3 - Lone Ranger

Experience Uluru – Ayers Rock

Uluru is also known as Ayers rock has historical significance to the native people of the area known as the Anangu. It is a very sacred place for the Aboriginal people of Australia. There is a lot of controversy around climbing Uluru, and as of October 2019, you can no longer climb it.

The formation in the rock here is also known as “the Brains” isn’t it amazing?!

Viewing Area

Experience a spectacular view from Lasseter Highway Sand Dune. The unofficial viewing area from this spot provides a spell-binding first look at the rock. Located around 20km from the entrance into Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park, it is impossible to miss when driving in. To fully appreciate Uluru, we decided to view it at both sunrise and sunset. One of the most magical things about Uluru is that it looks completely different at sunrise, during the day and at sunset.

Photograph of Uluru 2 - Layers of Light

Experience Uluru at sunset 

I would have to say sunset was my favourite, especially the gorgeous pastel hues radiating off and around this monolith formation from the earth. Natural light influences the colour of the colossal rock formation and every viewing is unique and spectacular.

Photograph of Uluru 1 - Pale Ascent

Experience Uluru at sunrise

Sunrise shows Uluru off in a flaming red which then settles into the terracotta hue for the day. At sunset, it all changes again, bearing a striking reddish hue before settling into a pastel pink for nightfall. The cooler-toned Uluru, with blues, magentas and purples in the shadow was this photographer girls dream.

Visiting Uluru has definitely left us spellbound. I love that we have our photographs to take us back and revel in the beauty of it all.

The Olgas – Kata Tjuta National Park 

When you visit Uluru, you are actually entering the Uluru-Kata Tjuta, National Park. Kata Tjuta is also known as The Olgas is a series of 36 domes around 564 meters above the ground. It’s taller than Uluru and is believed to have been one giant formation that weathered down over the years. A truly gorgeous sight of Cascading Rocks 

Photograph of The Olgas - Cascading Rocks

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Photograph of Uluru 5 - Shelter

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One of the most spectacular moments for me was when we arrived at one of the viewing spots. The sight of the red rock and plant life against the bright blue skies is magical.

Birthday helicopter ride 

The whole purpose of our visit to Uluru was to celebrate our daughters 8th birthday, so hubby arranged a surprise helicopter ride at sunrise on the morning of her actual birthday. I was really excited to see Uluru and Kata Tjuta – The Olgas by air to really understand the full scale of the area and the national park. The aerial view gives you a whole other dimension to the vastness of this incredible place. The redness of the desert in Australia in its truest form.

Photograph of Uluru 6 - Desert Red

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Field of Light

Imagine a colourful garden made of an incredible expanse of tiny lights, gently fading from ochre to green to violet. Under the cover of darkness, 50,000 blooming spheres of light fade in and out, in effortless concerted timing. This is the solar-powered Field of Light, designed by visionary artist Bruce Munro. It is one of those unique landmarks that must be experienced firsthand – a photograph just does not do it justice.  Under a sky full of stars, the exhibition is absolutely breathtaking and an amazing way to see Uluru.

field of light

field of lights

Camel Express

Our sunrise and sunsets were filled with lights, look-outs and dinners. We chose to fill our late afternoon with the Camel Express tour. These creatures were super friendly and gentle. Each having a unique personality of their own. My son’s camel was “Trevor” He was super calm and docile and slept most of the time before the actual camel tour. On the ground, the Cameleers – aka tour guides added a splash of humour to the experience, ensuring a very enjoyable and fun-filled experience.

The camel train stopped at strategic locations during the tour to capture stunning photos against the backdrop of Uluru. Our tour was perfectly timed as we travelled through the crimson sand to watch the sunset and the beauty of the outback come alive. The setting sun changes the tone of Uluru, from stunning to magical. Our Cameleers filled us in with facts involving the surrounding flora and fauna while enjoying the spectacular red desert in all its glory.

Star Gazing

The best things in life are free and stargazing would have to be one of my favourite pastimes. A highlight of being so remote in the Australian outback is there’s very little light pollution, bringing the night’s sky to life with incredible visibility. They have a saying around the resort “Touch the Silence” I truly loved that, so tangible and amazing to soak in the sky’s luminosity.

Nothing could have prepared me for how I would feel visiting Uluru, the true experience of it all… it took my breath away and an experience I will never forget. A magical trip to Uluru in the Outback is likely to near the top of most traveller’s bucket lists when venturing to Australia and I would highly recommend it.

I have certainly left a little piece of my heart in the Australian Outback.

Come and journey through PARIS with me…

Never stop musing … never stop exploring …

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