Celebrating Tippy

When Rowena got in touch about doing an End of Life photo session for her daughter Jess’s beloved dog Tippy, she explained Tippy only has a 2-4 week life expectancy, due to a progressive heart condition. We made plans right away.

Mum wanted photos to capture the sweet and heartfelt bond between Jess and dog Tippy. Jess got Tippy for her 7th Birthday, and he just celebrated his 8th birthday this week. Jess came up with the name Tippy, as he has a white marking in the top of his head and on the tip of his tail. What a sweet and fitting name!

A Special Bond 

So while Jess still has Tippy, she will soak up every moment with him, enjoy those snuggles all the more and the welcome home embrace. Not because they may be the last, but because they are all special. Whether they’ve been with you a short time or a lifetime, saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.

“We all know they won’t be around forever.

Time Capsule

Jess knows her time with her beloved companion Tippy is limited — and I’m sure she will be grateful to have captured him “while he is still Tippy in all the best ways that he could be.”
By capturing these sweet moments of Jess with Tippy, I have been able to offer them a time capsule of their bond and time together

Having a pet is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. They grow with you and become part of the family. Their companionship exceeds all boundaries. They faithfully greet you every time you return home, they sense when you have had a bad day and silently offer their unconditional love and support. They lick their way through all your joys and sadness…

Life holds no guarantees

The love between Jess and Tippy is unmistakable and it was made all the more poignant by the fact that their time together is nearing its end. I had the blessing of capturing the sweet and beautiful bond between Jess and her Tippy boy. You can just see the unconditional love they share.

Revel in the Joy 

Today was a special day to capture the sweet snuggles and embraces with Tippy. A perfect day while they were both able the revel in the joy of it.


What is the hardest thing about having a pet? Some might say the constant need for care, I would have to say it’s having to say goodbye. They truly impact your heart forever!! Every life is changed for the better when touched by a pet.

Where sadness and celebration meet, this end of life session will break and warm your heart.



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