Aussie World Family Tradition

We are definitely a family of traditions. Not by choice, we seem to have developed these wonderful times as a family over the years and they have become firm traditions. Our Aussie world family tradition is one of my favourites. 

Every year for the last 7 years we have visited Aussie World Theme Park. Ruth was only 8 months old the first time we visited. Each time she bites her bottom lip, stands up as tall as she can stretch her little body, hoping to the reach the ultimate line that gives her access to certain rides. This year she made it above the main line, graduation to ride any ride of her choice. Yes the scary ones included. She smiled as if she won a trophy.

Redback Ride

As soon as we walked into the park Ruth made her way to The Redback. It’s the ultimate ride of thrills. I was not sure how her tiny body was even going to sit securely in the seat, but it did. Her toes just touched the floor. I could see the excitement and fear in her eyes and as the ride began she got a nervous giggle. I was really impressed! She loved it and wanted more.

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,

On we went to find another daring ride, this time Seth chose The Wasp. This one has a boost which propels you sideways while spinning. Seth came off this one a little green. He recovered quickly and we headed over to the Bongo Bounce.

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,Off to the Log which plunges from 2 heights into water, a fabulous way to cool down as the sun beats down. This is Michael’s favourite and a close second  is the bumper cars.

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,Ok now its Mums turn. Every year previously I have loved the daring, spinning rides that make you shriek, however since my back surgery I wont be doing these rides anymore. I settled on the Ferris Wheel. Seemed very boring in comparison, but once at the top I loved seeing it all go on below me. It was a fabulous view.

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,I did manage the high swings and the Space Shuttle that boosts higher and higher as it sways back and forth. I just love the flip feeling in my tummy and this time I laughed uncontrollably as Ruth shrieked every time we went higher. Laughter is certainly the best medicine for any tired soul.

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,Yes that is Michael loosing balance on the Big Yellow Slide after pushing off too quickly to beat the kids. After a fun day in the sun, our tired bodies welcomed the drive home as we watched the afternoon thunderstorm roll in.

Goodbye Aussie World, till next year. Sunshine Coast you never disappoint!

2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,
2017,Aussie World,Ruth,Seth,caloundra,michael,

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